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Distributel with cogeco in Milton

Can someone verify that if in Milton (area code L9T 5P1) has Distributel on Cogeco?
Can you bring your own cable modem or any recommendation?

According to current Distributel website, it does not say anything about the area. an excerpt from the website:
Cable Internet 18:
"High Speed Cable Internet

Truly unlimited downloads*
Download speed up to 18 Mbps, upload speed of up to 512 Kbps
No term contract"

I had tried to call them, but it was during the peak hours, so the hold time was long. I will definitely will call them again, but I thought I would double check on this forum.

I also believe START ISP offer the service on Cogeco in Milton, but it seems the "Truly unlimited downloads*" from Distributel has more attractive option.



Distributel DOES NOT allow you to bring your own modem.
Also, "Truly unlimited downloads*" has a * on it, so I'd a little suspicious of that.
Feel the SPEED, the SPEED!!!

Also, their CS/Support/Sales are impossible to reach. I've tried at 9AM, 11AM, 2PM, 6PM, and so they are pretty impossible to reach...


reply to dnone

"Cable Internet 18" is definitely a Rogers-area package.

I could be wrong, but I think Start is the only IISP offering cable most Cogeco areas.

Fort Erie, ON

said by bt:

I could be wrong, but I think Start is the only IISP offering cable most Cogeco areas.

No, Distributel does as well, though they're on the non-aggregate POIs. They definitely serve Windsor and the surrounding area, and I had heard in the past that they serve parts of Halton Region - or at least did at one point in the past, if not now.

Teksavvy has service on Cogeco, too - only just in Chatham on the non-aggregate POI.



Thanks Gone, bt and MajorPewPew for confirming/double check for me.

I had called Distributel, and they do not serve in Milton(and do not serve in Oakville(L6H) area as well)

According to Acanac website, and their postal code checker, Acanac is serving in Milton. However, I assume the website result from Acanac is the false positive, as understanding the nature of Cogeco, and Acanac with Distributel. As for TekSavvy, I believe it is still "work in progress" since last year for Cogeco in Milton.

It seems the only option left is START, if going with cable in Milton. And I heard a lot of good stories/customers with Start/Rocca and as Rocca is quite responsive to any issues/questions on this forum.

Anyone cares to speculate if there is any Aggregated POI is going to happen soon with Cogeco in Milton, besides Start.