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Carnegie, PA
reply to SmokChsr

Re: Super Glue and bailing wire..

wow thats a mean one.. bailing wire? uhhh

cut is healin up well, no pain/etc... I do have butterfly bandages, dont think they would have helped here.. its not deep enough.. just looks deep, not as bad as it looks.

Church maint guy called, theyre having their international food festival, and the ladies in the kitchen are beatin the crap out of the water heater.. They are lovin it tho, as the old boiler was about 150ft away, and they had to run the hot for a long time to purge out the 1" water line. New heater is tapped right into the water lines behind the main dish sink..

if it aint broke, tweak it!!
currently on FiOS (kick aZZ!)

Who let the magic smoke out?
Saint Augustine, FL
said by tp0d:

wow thats a mean one.. bailing wire? uhhh

Well they called it Stainless Steel Orthopedic Cerclage wire to hold the halves of the sternum together. Must have worked,they had me out of bed walking the hallways 48hrs after surgery.

Glad to hear your oopsie is healing nicely