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Comcast Extreme TG862G Gateway

Lusby, MD

Verizon having 4G "teething" problems

Looks like Verizon seems to be having some "teething" problems in my area (Lusby, MD) with their 4G equipment. 4G was turned on in this area about 2 months ago and I started using it with Millenicom's "Hotspot" plan about a month ago.

Last week the 4G signal dropped out and I had to revert back to 3G to get an internet connection. I opened up a ticket on the problem with Millenicom and the next day the 4G signal reappeared.

Same thing happened this week - on Wednesday the 4G signal dropped out again and I opened up another ticket with Millenicom. Sure enough, about 24 hours later the 4G signal came back and I am now getting about 12 Mbps down and 14 up.

Kudos to Millenicom's tech support for forwarding the problem on to Verizon.