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reply to capdjq

Re: Armstrong getting caught up in lies

said by capdjq:

What I cannot understand is, if the evidence were so convincing why did the Feds drop the case?

Because there wasn't sufficient evidence to warrant charges?

Also, unlike the USDA they weren't in a position to offer deals and incentives to the USDA "jailhouse informants" as well as other "witnesses" against Armstrong like the USDA is and has.

All that there is to be said has I think for the most part been all ready posted.

The one thing that is REALLY strange is that there are in addition to the gaggle of fellow cyclists testifying that Armstrong doped for his entire career and they themselves flunked drug tests plus the the other Tour or international bike winners and competitors of Armstrong that failed doping tests and were suspended as well as having their titles stripped and again all failed drug tests. All of them claim Armstrong was the worst offender. The longest offender. The "ringleader" and Godfather of doping including bullying others to dope, "Lance made me do it" and so on yet Armstrong is the ONLY one that never failed a test.

The only one. Like I said earlier as a legitimate question and point--were all of the numerous other failed caught cheaters morons so they got caught while Armstrong was some kind of Merlin?