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reply to Blackbird

Re: Assange makes 1st public appearance in 2 months

said by Blackbird:

Assange's list of allies grows thin...

It seems though there are 2 angles to this:

1. He is doing it to raise pocket money and possibly become rich.

2. He is trying to help cover funds for now and the future towards the campaign.

The problem here is what are the motives?

Remember his funds ex Australia were shut down by a few well laid words. He then jumps bail. While the second was his own doing, the first would have had major impacts on any direction going forward, "ego" as quoted, or any other reason. But because the site is asking for donations it is automatically a bad thing. Where do Anon get their funds etc? Big corporation shifts in any direction can change the flow of money in an instant, it's a 101 of today's economics. We aren't bartering for sheep and cows anymore, last time I checked. (Excuse those few countries that still live a simple existence.)
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke