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Bay, AR
reply to RickNY

Re: LTE Speeds, iPhone 5 - Eastern Long Island, NY

said by RickNY:

Even though I've only had the phone for a few weeks, when I switched from AT&T to Verizon when the iPhone 5 was released, I was seeing a max of about 12 Mbps in my area for LTE coverage.. Today when I checked, it appears that has changed significantly, and was curious if Verizon changed something, or if I just happen to be on an underutilized LTE tower.

By the way -- this test was performed at a traffic light in the "sticks" -- in Manorville, which is a rather rural area compared to other areas of the New York metro area -- about 70 miles east of NYC.


You have just answered your own answer. That tower probably just has more back-haul than needed on it.

Just wish I can get those speeds in my area. Right now I'm sitting at roughly ~14 Down/12 Upload. Funny that most days, my upload will be upwards of 20Mbps and say there for forever (My upload 95% of the time will be higher than my download, crazy). This is on my HomeFusion plan remind you.

I do have a question for ya. Can you monitor your data and let Me/Us know if they are recording how much you upload? I've been watching my data on my HomeFusion plan and noticed that my Download Data is being capped, but no where to I see the amount near what my Download+Upload is. For example last week, I downloaded ~2gigs and uploaded a gig. The gig of Upload was not on their site and it surprised me since I figured they would count all forms of Data on the cap. The in-store rep couldn't even tell me anything about it when I went into the store Tuesday to pay my bill.