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Princeton, MA
reply to Uxbfool

Re: [General] Home Fusion install scheduled

Thanks for all the great info on this thread.

I was looking into the Cantenna option early on but it wasn't going to be available in my area, central MA for about 9 mos. So I decided on a self installed Wilson electronics based system with an external YAGI directional antenna and LTE amp w/ internal LTE panel antenna. All told the cost for the Wilson system + LMR cables + connectors + chain link fence post & hardware was around $430, and took 4-5 hours of setup and config time. In addition I bought a Cradlepoint MBR1200 to share the LTE modem connection.
With this system I average ~18mbps down / ~12mbps up over the past year.
With the millenicom 20GB/mo plan and my 2 unlimited smartphone plans I am happy with the cost and performance. If Verizon would drop the cost on their plans and offer higher max plans, i.e. 40GB/mo for 120, I would prefer the Cantenna deal.
I am 5.1mi from the tower so I am also uncertain if the Cantenna can provide the same level of gain and signal enhancement that the Wilson electronics system delivers. Its not unusual to chew up 3 or more GB / mo on OS and software updates so the low max data plan doesn't cut it for homes that rely on 4G as their sole internet connection.

If Verizon truly wants to start moving people from DSL to LTE, they will need better plans. But I don't think that will happen until they can offer a full range of services to those users via LTE, which won't happen until they can implement more spectrum into their LTE network. Currently, LTE HomeFusion appears to be priced to compete with Satellite.