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best Mikrotik ptp settings

I have to bridge two location 1/4 mile apart

I was given two sxt 5HnD
In protocol I see nv2, nv2 nstreme and nv2 802.11

I want to bridge these two locations
Which one should I try



Hollywood, FL
at such short distances I normally use nv2, coupled with 10mhz channel widths. (all depends on how much speed you want really)

Only caveat is nv2 will increase "nominal" ping times a bit but it's nothing to worry about I find. It will however yield more bandwidth.

I.e. with nv2 expect ping times from 7-10ms. (Pretty stable)
Nstreme can also work well.

At that distance you should adjust the power levels to bring both rssi's into the low-mid 50's.

Throw in a very basic mpls config and you've got yourself a nice fully transparent bridge.

Its to supply internet to a small office across the street

The main office has cable connection 60/10 and they will have about ten desks across the street and a voip phone system.

One phone at the main office for the receptionist to answer calls

I thought I had to set up ap wds and station on the other side?



Hollywood, FL
reply to thewisperer 857 bytes
UnitA Config 809 bytes
Unit B Config
I've posted a Mock config for both endpoints (A and B ) which you can use if you like.

Its a simple mpls setup. (all of the details are in the .rsc files - plain text, use notepad to view and /or make changes)

Simply upgrade both sxt's to 5.21, perform a reset-configuration,afterwards remove configuration and upload the respective files. (UnitACompact and UnitBCompact) from the console type import file-name= " " and thats it, just aim and plug in the lan cables. Both Lan interface does not have an ip address so use the mac-connect feature in winbox to administer/make changes.

WDS functionality would achieve the same effect... its a matter of preference, although a mpls/vpls enabled setup does offer many advantages.

The only caveat would be to adjust nv2 settings accordingly to suit your voip needs (the posted config should be fine though). If your not happy you could always switch to nstreme with a framer policy of none and a framer limit of 1900. This usually works well for me.

Lastly turn down your power as necessary so that the rssi on both ends are in the mid 50's area.

Thats about it. Hope it helps.

Give me Nano's!!!!

Your instructions were very good. The script even better

I loaded it on two stx's and was getting low throughput so I reset them and started over.

I have two of them now that will require Netinstall (with usb?) I can't access them. Right out of the box.

Can I open your script and just paste in command line?

For myself and others, what are the benefits of mpls compared too wds?

thanks Warwick

Hey dude.

You can netinstall without needing the USB. Instructions on the MT Wiki.
First thing: Update to 5.21.
Set the AP with Bridge enabled on one side and Station with Bridge enabled on the other.
Create a Bridge interface and place the WLAN and LAN interfaces in the bridge.
Assign the IP address(s) to the Bridge.
Set the Station "Protocol"to NV2,Nstreme,802.11
Set the AP's interface to NV2, and on the NV2 tab set 1Slot, 10Kms.
I'm getting ~90 Mbps out of this setup with RB411AH+R52hN, with dual pol. 5Ghz panels at ~500 meters.