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Mary Esther, FL
reply to Kiwi

Re: I'll change this if appropriate

Write a complaint. » this DOES work - also report comcast to your local city. I would also fight to get out of the contract. Business class is just one way of getting more money. Same cable lines as residential..


·AT&T U-Verse

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Well, business class -I rebooted the modem no effect, had a refresh sent, no effect. 4:0PM -It's now 8:41 after calling tech support at 4:20PM, no call back, marginal connection.

Let me start from the beginning.
Way back in the beginning I started out with computer technology -1983. I have seen a lot of changes and the single constant that I have maintained is because I use the internet, more than 80% of what I do on a PC, I have always been very clear I"m happy to pay and have a history of doing so far more than the average consumer; until now.

It's an edit and will follow up in three months, seems to have been a problem in basic communication, the Tech should have brought a lot more than a modem, like some paperwork! -It seems most of the issue is resolved after actually registering, I was told to wait for paper work in the mail; not one sole felt it an important enough issue to mention. Oh, well.

3 months and we will see, finally up.
Cable quality requires maintenance (and common sense) »
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