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Channel dropouts

I've been having some issues with certain channels in my house. First, the cable feed comes in to a two way splitter. One feed goes up into my living room and is split again to feed my Tivo premiere and Arris modem. The other feed from splitter #1 goes to another two-way that feeds a Tivo HD in my basement and a Samsung HD box in my bedroom.

The Tivo HD gets only minimal use so I'm not sure if it is 100% OK, but my wife used to tell me that the lower channels (early 700s) pixelate and drop off. I'm having a similar issue with my main TV in the living room (Tivo Premiere). Every other channel is fine, but any of the local channels pixelate and drop off every once is a while. Also, as I watch my beloved packers tonight it is easy to tell that the quality of the HD broadcast on NBC is far below anything I've been watching all day (like redzone). That may not be related though.

The TV in our bedroom has dropout issues across the board so I'm pretty sure my whole house just has signal strength issues. I've changed out all the splitters from ones I got at the Optimum store, but am still having issues. I have removed the Tuning Adapters from the Tivos and while the issue got a little better it still drops off. The signal strength meter from my Tivo peaks at 80, but is consistently at around 75-76.

My main question is besides rewiring my house is there anything I can do to alleviate this? I would usually just call cablevision to comes and send some one, but every time they send a tech it is the same guy and I constantly notice him cutting corners thus requiring me to continue to have some one come out.

What options do I have?

Allendale, NJ

Re: [OOL] Channel dropouts

RG59 or RG6?



RG6 to the TV in my living room, but I think it's RG59 to the other TVs.

There is a coupler in the run to the living room though. Instead of replacing the whole run the CV tech just replaced the connectors on either side.