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[NV] Random modem disconnects.

Recently Ive been experiencing several modem disconnects a seemingly random times through out the day. During these times, a glance at the modem status page says the the modem is operational and the power levels are all consistent.

My set up is less than optimal. I have to have the cable run through 3 splitters to get it into the room that the modem is in. (I understand this is bad... but I do not have much of a choice... this place has a horrible coax layout. And its never really given me issue until recently.)

I call tech support during one of these periods where I was having issues and at first, even though the modem lights were all on (specifically the cable light was steady and the receive and transmit lights were blinking) the tech said the modem wasn't even showing up in the system as connected. I'm thinking the modem is bad but I have no way of knowing for sure.

I know some Cox tech post on these forums, and was wondering if one of them could help.

I'm also noticing (and this may be completely unrelated): But I can not access my cox webmail or internet tools. Logging into my account and then trying to access either of them directs me to the Cox HSI upsell page as if I didn't have Cox internet at all.


Las Vegas, NV
PM me your cable MAC address and I'll take a look and see if we can't figure out what's going on.