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Andover, NJ

Honeywell 3H2C Staging

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Vison Pro Staging
I am looking at a 3H/2C Honeywell TH8320 with outdoor sensor to be used on a 2 stage heatpump with a 2 stage gas furnace. The furnace uses W1 and W2 for the 2 stages of heating
As I understand it the wiring should be Y->Y, Y2->Y2, E->W1 and Aux->W2
I will be setting the balance point through the thermostat. In menu 0170 system type will be a "12" 3H/2C heatpump with aux heat and 0200 backup type will be set to fossil fuel.

Based on that I would expect the heating to stage from Y to Y2 when the outdoor temp is above the balance point. This does not appear to be the case if this "cut and paste" from the manual is accurate. It appears that the system for stage 1 and 2 heating calls Y and AUX which is the Second Stage fossil fuel. This is wrong on two points: Y2 should be called and with a fossil fuel backup, the only time the Heat Pump and the Fossil Fuel runs concurrently is during defrost.

So how does this system really stage?
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