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Nepean, ON

I agree wholeheartedly!

We signed up with teksavvy in September due to deplorable tech service with Rogers. We lost internet service last week and spent most of the weekend trying to resolve the issue with teksavvy support, only to be told it was a Rogers issue and there was nothing they could do. So we left Rogers, but are still hamstrung by Rogers. We ended up cancelling our teksavvy service last night in complete frustration. To add insult to injury, customer support was the one who cancelled the account but said we'd have to speak to tech support about not being charged for the time we didn't have service. Customer support transferred us to tech support and we were told we couldn't get any kind of rebate because we'd already cancelled our account. Thanks Customer Support. That was just awesome.

We're so disappointed. We did our homework and all the reviews for teksavvy seemed so positive, but now through word of mouth we are hearing the horror stories of teksavvy customers being without internet service for days and weeks at a time.

We'll be giving Bell a try. We would really rather have been dealing with an independent - but it turns out the independents aren't so independent after all.
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