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Herndon, VA
reply to Acct101

Re: October is here.. Are those dozen HD channels coming?!?!

said by Acct101:

I guess we can get rid of our HD TV's as we don't seem to be getting anymore new channels other the SD.

Man, I get mailings from DirecTV and Comcast every week and it is getting enticing.

You are kidding right? I had DirecTV for 16 years and FiOS Internet for the last 7 years and I just switched over to the Triple Play with Verizon.

I was paying DirecTV $157 a month for Choice Xtra Classic, HD ($10 a month), 4 DVRs ($6 each for 3 of them), DVR Fee ($8), Whole Home DVR ($3), HBO/Showtime/Starz ($37) and taxes. FiOS 30/5 service was $55 a month. Vonage was $36 a month. My monthly bill was $248.

I switched to Verizon Triple Play. Ultimate HD TV, HBO, Movie Completer, Multi Room DVR (free for 18 mo), HD Receiver (free for 18 mo), Cable Card (for the 4 tuner InfiniTV in my Home Theatre PC) and 1/2 off HBO and the Movie package for a year. Also 35/35 internet and Freedom Essentials phone. $139 a month plus taxes of about $20.

I then found out that for $20 a month I could upgrade to 75/35 internet and switch to FiOS Digital Voice. With the lower taxes it ends up netting out at $13.50 a month more. So the total bill will be about $170 per month.

So my savings is almost $50 a month with better service (DV is certainly better than Vonage and 75/35 internet is certainly better than 30/5 internet).

And with DirecTV I had outages several times a month due to weather. Now I don't have to deal with the weather issues with DirecTV. I also don't have to deal with the crappy DVR response speeds that I had with DirecTV. No more waiting for a guide to display a full 3 to 4 minutes.

And Verizon has more HD channels overall than DirecTV. Their advertising is just as deceptive as all of the cable companies. 40 regional sports networks in HD that I don't subscribe to and that would give me no benefit is not a watchable channel. Any major league sports shown on those channels is blacked out so their is virtually no value add.

Yes, there a some of the multi-channel movie channels that are in SD on FiOS that are HD on DirecTV (a couple of the Showtimes) but there are also channels in HD on Verizon that don't exist on DirecTV. And FiOS carries the sub channels on local channels - DirecTV doesn't without an over the air tuner and antenna. And I get Cinemax included in Ultimate HD (which I didn't have on DirecTV).

I wouldn't switch back after a week with the FiOS triple play. If you have heavy rain or thunderstorms where you live and get DirecTV, expect a lot of outages.