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Wierd PING on new Knology Cable Install

Harvest, Alabama Old RR Bed Rd N. Of Capshaw. New Installation.

We just moved from AT&T DSL/DirecTV to Knology (brand new dig in our new housing complex). I'm connected via a D-Link N router to a combo data/voice cable modem.

Speeds are adequate, but here's the wierd thing.

When I go to ping a local computer on my home network, it resolves out to a 206. address somewhere in California.

This is a problem for me because my DLNA server on my PC is no longer seen by my Panasonic TV, and I think it's this wierd routing thing.

I really, really want my DLNA to work, but I may have to disconnect the cable modem from the router in order to make it work -- haven't tried that yet.

Any ideas?


Columbus, GA
Sounds like you d-link is reading an outside network.....!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
check the settings of the d-link router, and see what all it's seeing...

computers, network over view.... and etc...


Harvest, AL
reply to dshizzel
OK, here's where I've landed so far -- I modified my router to use the google dns (, instead of what DHCP from Knology provided. I can now ping my local hosts as they don't get resolved by DNS.

When I got home from work yesterday, I checked my Viera DLNA and was able to see the Serviio DLNA server running on my PC in my home office.

I'm still a little wierded out by that goofy DNS resolution, though. I don't trust the Knology network as far as I can throw them if they can have such sloppy routing (if that's what it is).

My D-Link doesn't seem to have any oddball settings or features enabled, zpm -- I'm wondering if the Knology-provided Cable modem is exposing my network somehow. I'll definitely keep an eye on things and ensure my computers' virus protection is up to date and functioning.