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Which is my best option: Dish Network or Verizon 4G LTE?

Opinions needed:

I am moving in the next few weeks and found out that neither Comcast or AT&T are available at my property. I've contacted each company and neither are willing to make their services available.

I work from home and must have internet for my business. I've narrowed my options, but could use a few opinions on which is best. Here are the options as I see it, I may be off on prices.

Option 1: Apple Ipad w/ Verizon 4G LTE - upfront cost of $629 plus $50/month for 5GB data cap. No contract.

Option 1B: Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspot device - smaller up front cost, but since I don't have a tablet, I'd rather just front the money and use an Ipad with mobile hotspot.

Option 2: Verizon HomeFusion - $199 installation fee + 2 year contract and $50/month gets you 10GB data cap

Option 3: Dish Network Satellite Internet - this one I don't know much about. Apparently this month they launched a newer, faster service. Looks like you can either get a 10GB data cap or 20GB data cap. Not sure if a contract is required.

I realize that none of my options are cheap and I'm facing the fact that I will not be able to stream Netflix or Hulu - at a fundamental level, I need to check/send emails and view webpages.

Any reason to go with Dish Network over Verizon? Should I value a consistent signal with Verizon over satellite that is affected by the weather? The signal strength of 4G is great at my house FWIW.

Thank you for any opinions.



They both got caps so really there isnt really better. Plus Dish network is just reselling either Wildblue or hughesnet but just rebranded under dish network.

Look at »www.hughesnet.com/index.cfm?page···ing#gen4 vs »www.dish.com/entertainment/inter···rc=aw.ds

same thing except dish network dont give out the 15 meg package.


Cleveland, OH
reply to trailrunz

Why do you need a tablet to use a jet back ot the hotspot device? As lon as your current computer has a wireless card in it, the device will connect to the internet. Why spend the mony on a tablet- Especially since if don't have one now?



A tablet (with 4G LTE) or a Jetpack will serve as my ISP - or Dish Network, if I go that option (in which case, I will not need a tablet/jetpack). The wireless card in my computer is useless without something to connect to.

I realize that both providers have a cap. At this point I'm weighing two different factors: 1) Overall price including equipment and 2) Whether it is worth it to have a smaller data cap and more mobility (a la Verizon 4G) or an in-home service like HomeFusion or Dishnetwork w/ higher data caps.

In that case, it boils down to: If I'm restricted to 5gb/month with Verizon, will it really be worth it to pay more and be restricted to 15gb/month w/ Dish?


New Windsor, MD

Do you know about Millenicom there is also a Millenicom Forum inside this site




Cobbs Creek, VA

yep, agree with cbobby .... »www.millenicom.com/
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Princeton, MA
reply to trailrunz

The Millenicom 3G/4G 20GB/mo plan is the way to go. If you needed to boost the 4G signal to get a good signal inside your house then post a question to ask the best equipment for your location. Once you have a solid 4G signal you will love the performance of LTE compared to 3G.


·HughesNet Satell..
·WesTex Connect
reply to trailrunz

My advice is to try to find a fixed point to point wireless ISP first.


Also, 4G WiMax like »www.clear.com

CompTIA Network+ Certified



Neither Skybeam nor Clear have coverage in my area, unfortunately.

I'm very interested with Millenicom, but still have mixed feelings. Will having 20GB of data/month for $70 (millenicom) really make my life better than 5GB/month for $50 (ipad/verizon)? I feel like if I have data caps, I just have to face the fact that it is web surfing & emails only - no video/music streaming whatsoever. With that mindset - will the extra 15GB make a difference? I've never, ever paid attention to how much data I use.

Thank you all so far for the advice & replies.


Queen Anne, MD
reply to trailrunz

Maybe you should take a step back for a moment. What city/town/state do you live in? We may be able to help you find a different provider that doesn't have caps.



Lowell, MI 49331