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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Simple way to avoid copyright issues

said by IowaCowboy:

Illegal downloading is a high tech form of shoplifting as it is similar to shoplifting a CD or DVD at Best Buy or Target. Downloading illegally is basically theft in my book.

While your position is quite admirable, I doubt many online users feel that digital acts of theft are actually criminal.. Its the new modern Robin Hood story.

Plus can you name off a Criminal case involving jail time or probation involving digital theft of copyrighted music or video, applications or such? Id love to read those cases.

Remember without criminal penalties to backup the theft.. the civil aspects are pointless as nearly every form of a financial judgment against you in America with the exception of government imposed judgments can be eliminated via bankruptcy.

Looking at the bigger picture

To take it one step further, downloading is not even pursued civilly... only uploading. So there is a logical disconnect between the concept of 'downloading = shoplifting' argument and the way it is dealt with in court. A person who rips a CD and makes it available to others hasn't 'stolen' anything... all he/she did was piss off the record company because they think they would have made more money if the person didn't make it freely available.