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[Networking] HT1000 device limit?

We've had our Gen4 upgrade for a couple of weeks. The speed's nice, when we can get on, but when there are too many devices (computers, smart phones, iPads/Pods) on the system, additional connections either can't be made or knock other connected devices off.

When we called Hughes about this, the tech said there was a limit of five devices for the HT1000 modem. Can that possibly be right? We're on the Power Pro plan. I'm perfectly willing to go to the Power Max plan, if that will resolve the problem, but if this is a limitation of the modem, I can't see that helping, or do they provide a different modem for that plan?

We're considering canceling the service. I'm trying to find out if Exede has the same limitation. Does anybody know? A five-device limit is certainly a deal-breaker. For a family of even average size, five devices is an unreasonable limit, especially if there are teenagers. We have a desktop, three laptops, four smartphones, three Kindles, two iPads and three iPod Touches (and friends who visit with their own devices). Although it is rare, frankly, for all the computers to be on the network simultaneously, many of the other devices, which rarely eat much bandwidth, do need to get on the wifi network regularly to check for notifications.

Another solution would be if some of those five "devices" could possibly be routers that would allow further connections. We asked the tech about this but never got a clear answer. If that setup could work, where might I find out how to set up the router? I tried hooking up our old router but there were DHCP lease issues (which I am willing to go into if needed but I don't have all that info here right now).

I read a thread at the Hughesnet community forum that suggested the Gen4 setup regarding DHCP is different than it was for the HN9000, with the modem now handing out IP addresses instead of the router. If so, I need to know how to change the old router's settings to work. Will it require assigning a manual address for the router and/or all the downstream computers? I'm not sure how to do that for the router, but perhaps I could find info on the manufacturer's website.

Thanks for any assistance!


I never heard of this issue. You are working through a wireless router? I would think the modem would think only one device was attached to it, that being a router. I am not having problems with Exede like this, and we have three phones, three Blu-ray players, one TV, three notebooks, two desktops, a Nintendo Wii, a range extender, a printer that uses it for sending emails, a network attached storage device and two tablets. There are so many things in this house hooked up. No problems with anything at all yet.


Salvisa, KY
reply to jfaster
If your DHCP server is the HT1000 instead of your local router, then you are limited to 5 or so devices.

You need to set your network up in a fashion that allows your router to be the DHCP server for your network instead of the HT1000...

Basically, HT1000 plugs to the WAN on your router, set your router up to use the 192.165.1.xxx address space with a subnet of on the LAN side, and to obtain address for WAN via ISP DHCP. This should work out fine for you in the end.


I'm having the same problem. Two computers on, a printer and two iPads with two Airport Base Stations is enough to mess it up.

Quinault, WA
said by sunnycrest :

I'm having the same problem. Two computers on, a printer and two iPads with two Airport Base Stations is enough to mess it up.

You can configure one of your Airports to act as a DHCP server. My Time Capsule is setup to distribute IP addresses from -

Not having any information about the HT1000 and DHCP, I ran Airport Utility (v. 5.6.1) and made the following selections:

I want to restore this Time Capsule to its factory settings and then set it up again.

I want to create a new wireless network.

I connect to the Internet with a DSL or cable modem using DHCP.

Airport Utility chose to use a fixed IP address ( for my Time Capsule and configured it as a DHCP server anyway.