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Reading, MA
reply to tschmidt

Re: using a lighted doorbell button in/output from uC

said by tschmidt:

Hopefully the off state will not be too long - or the person at the door will be unable to ring the bell a second time - or perhaps that is the idea.

The delay is intentional to prevent overuse.

The idea is an automated candy dispenser--since I cannot be home on halloween night.

I have the gable end of a small attic about 1-2' above my front door with a vent opening. The candy is on a "conveyor belt" built within an 8' long 3" PVC pipe that sticks out of the vent slightly. Total capacity is about 90 pieces of candy. It will dump 2 pieces at a time into a flexible hose / shoot which terminates at one of those pumpkin buckets at about "kid height" in front of my door...

Instructions are simple and will posted on the door "I'm not home tonight, if the doorbell light is on, please press the button to get a piece of candy. It will take 10 seconds for the machine to fill up and light to come back on. If the light is out longer than 10 seconds, that means I've run out of candy, sorry".