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[DISH] Dish 211k receiver

I have the following questions about this receiver:

(1 Does it record the OTA signal in HD when it has an external hard drive attached?

(2 Does it use the USB port on the rear for attaching the hard drive? I notice that this port is described as a "future use" in some material that I have seen on this receiver.

3) Does it come standard with the OTA module, or is it an option as I have see it advertised both ways on the internet.

4) Can anyone give me their personal experience with this receiver? How satisfied are you with it's performance?

5) Is it true that the monthly charge for adding this receiver is the normal $7.00? I am aware that there is a one time charge of $40.00 for connecting a hard drive to it.

Any answers and comments on the above questions will be appreciated. It seems that I am unable to get straight answers to any question with the least bit of technical flavor from a Dish representative.

Bloom County
I have found Dish networks site to have every answer I have ever needed...
»www.dish.com/technology/receiver ··· eceivers
Solo ViP® 211k

Supports one independent HDTV with remote control
Compatible with Tailgaterâ„¢
View over-the-air SD and HD broadcasts (requires optional over-the-air module).
On-screen Caller ID with history (optional).

1) It makes no difference if the HD is attached.
2) It is not a DVR receiver so I don't believe the USB can be used.
3) It requires the optional OTA module as noted above from Dish.
5) Best to ask Dish to make sure of any charges - their chat functions is quite good and can be used to verify all of the above as well.

There are reviews on Amazon...:
»www.amazon.com/DISH-Network-VIP2 ··· vip+211k

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Ronkonkoma, NY
reply to AlaFlo
USB external HD, turns it into single tuner DVR.


and the ota is not "optional" it comes with it built in already