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St John'S, NL

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reply to cowwoc

Re: Bell: We don't provide same service to Teksavvy customers

Technician #6 just came and went, this time from Telecon. After spending an hour, he concluded (yet again) that the problem is outside the home.

I was originally getting 21Mbps down, 2.2Mbps up at the jack close to the computer. We re-ran the test with the modem connected directly to the POTS splitter (disconnected all other lines) and I got 21Mbps down, 2.7Mbps. Conclusion: the problem is outside the home.

I asked him to pass the message onto Teksavvy but he refused to stick around. I asked explicitly to write it in my file. He said he would send back a "code" to Telecon indicating there was no problem in the home and it is up to them to communicate back to Teksavvy that the problem is outside the home (translation: they won't do it).

So here's the deal: Bell says the problem is not on their end so the problem must be in the house. Telecon says they fixed any problems in the house (not directly implying there is a problem with Bell). And Teksavvy, won't take it up with Bell until there is a note in my file that says that the problem isn't in the house.

I start off with a 2.2Mbps up connection. After the Telecon guy left I am now down to 1.9Mbps up (I think they changed my speed profile). I am actually worse off now than when I began

I'm super frustrated. What now?

**Updated line stats**

Extended Port Status
Bme: 1 Port: 1
Downstream line rate: 27148 kbps
Upstream line rate: 2892 kbps
Bearer0 Downstream payload rate: 0 kbps
Bearer1 Downstream payload rate: 22856 kbps
Bearer0 Upstream payload rate: 0 kbps
Bearer1 Upstream payload rate: 2192 kbps
Downstream attainable payload rate: 22856 kbps
Downstream attainable line rate: 29264 kbps
Downstream Training Margin: 6.0 dB
Downstream Line Protection (Bearer1 Path): 0.0 DMT Symbols
Upstream Line Protection (Bearer1 Path): 1.0 DMT Symbols
Near-end ITU Vendor Id: 0xb500494b4e530200
Far-end ITU Vendor Id: 0xb5004244434da194
Downstream delay: 5.5 ms
Upstream delay: 5.9 ms
Tx total power 8.1 dbm
FE Tx total power 14.3 dbm
VDSL Estimated Loop Length : 3475 ft
G.Hs Estimated Near End Loop Length : 2526 ft
G.Hs Estimated Far End Loop Length :0 ft
Current framing mode: 0x10 EFM
Bandplan Type...........: 2
No. of Upstream Bands...: 2
No. of Downstream Bands.: 1
Line Type: 0x01000000 VDSL2 Profile 12A
Downstream FFT Protection (Bearer1 Path): 1.0 DMT Symbols
Upstream FFT Protection (Bearer1 Path): 2.0 DMT Symbols
Upstream Line Attenuation: NA (Only for ADSL1 & T1.413)
Upstream SNR Margin: NA (Only for ADSL1 & T1413)
Upstream Retransmission status: Disabled
Downstream Retransmission status: Disabled

Heave Steve, for the good of the country

See my post immediately above yours.