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Cleveland, OH
reply to trailrunz

Re: Which is my best option: Dish Network or Verizon 4G LTE?

Why do you need a tablet to use a jet back ot the hotspot device? As lon as your current computer has a wireless card in it, the device will connect to the internet. Why spend the mony on a tablet- Especially since if don't have one now?


A tablet (with 4G LTE) or a Jetpack will serve as my ISP - or Dish Network, if I go that option (in which case, I will not need a tablet/jetpack). The wireless card in my computer is useless without something to connect to.

I realize that both providers have a cap. At this point I'm weighing two different factors: 1) Overall price including equipment and 2) Whether it is worth it to have a smaller data cap and more mobility (a la Verizon 4G) or an in-home service like HomeFusion or Dishnetwork w/ higher data caps.

In that case, it boils down to: If I'm restricted to 5gb/month with Verizon, will it really be worth it to pay more and be restricted to 15gb/month w/ Dish?


New Windsor, MD
Do you know about Millenicom there is also a Millenicom Forum inside this site




Cobbs Creek, VA
yep, agree with cbobby .... »www.millenicom.com/
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