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« Very Sorry to hear this..
This is a sub-selection from Rogers to TSI


Toronto , ON
reply to OrlyMcC

Re: Rogers to TSI

said by OrlyMcC:

That's my fault. I should have chosen teksavvy cable rather than teksavvy dsl. I blame the fact that I had to make the post on my phone since I couldn't access the internet on my computer.

No Problem , i was just confused why Rogers was involved with this . If you acquired TSI cable and already have Rogers internet all you would need to do is switch modems and wait to be activated ( provisioned )


Nepean, ON disappointing customer service land

To add insult to injury... after I spent 40 minutes on hold waiting to talk to a customer service rep to cancel the account and probably another 15, at least, waiting to be transferred to tech support to discuss a refund for the days we didn't have Internet (because tech support looks after that? Really?), I connected with a tech support rep, gave all the account validation info again (name of account holder, phone number, address, method of payment) and was told he would have to out me on hold to talk to his supervisor. Supervisor denied the request for a refund so I asked to speak to the supervisor. Back on hold ... holding, holding... finally back to the tech support rep who told me his supervisor couldn't speak with me because I wasn't the account holder. So I had to put my husband in the line. Because apparently it's 1920. Pretty sure this has got to be a strategy to get people just to give up and hang up. Probably good for managing call volume, but not a great strategy for a customer satisfaction standpoint. Whatever. At the end of the call, still no compensation for lost service. Time to move on. Lesson learned. Friends who were thinking of moving to TS notified.

TSI Danielle

I'm sorry for the experience that you've had. We can certainly have a look at everything and see if we can rectify the situation for you.

Could you please post your account information into »TekSavvy Direct so that we can have a look and see what can be done to fix things.

Thank you,
TSI Danielle
Social Media Relations
Teksavvy Solutions Inc.


Nepean, ON
« Very Sorry to hear this..
This is a sub-selection from Rogers to TSI