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Rochester, MI
reply to Nick D

Re: [MoP] Great Post - I couldn't agree more

We may all slightly disagree on how it should be "fixed", but outside of a few people who view "sucking it up" and "grinding" as a point of pride, most of us agree something needs to be changed. To most of us, it feels like things are going backwards.

Nick D
Orange, CA
I mean, from a stated goal perspective, its succeeding:

1. People have something significant to their raiding progress to do outside of raiding. They may not be ENJOYING it, but its definitely something to do.

2. People do not spend all day in the home cities queuing up. They see the world, they engage in PVP, they are playing a game.

The non-success is "You have options!" I have tons of options to get valor points. But the only way to spend them is to grind dailies, every day, until revered, which takes a long time.