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reply to Nick D

Re: [MoP] Great Post - I couldn't agree more

said by Nick D:

The problem with dailies is that you have to log in and do them every day. It acts as a gate (fine), but it also means you don't have an option as when to play (not fine).

This is an excellent argument that I can agree with. This is different from profession dailies. If a person wants to gain the needed rep to open the valor vendor, his ability to do it should not be limited by whether he can play everyday, but by the effort he's willing to put into it. That's one of the reasons I think the rep requirement is too high, as opposed as the dailies being a bad thing. In the alternative, Bliz should have put in enough zone quests so you can reach the rep you need solely by doing the zone quests, even if that means a ridiculous number of zone quests. That way, you could grind out the rep when you can play just by finishing the zone. However, I think everyone is in agreement that you shouldn't have to grind the rep more than once.