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St John'S, NL
reply to millsy200

Re: Bell: We don't provide same service to Teksavvy customers

Someone in your situation should look into cable. The only reason I didn't do the same is I need a static IP and the fastest cable upload rate offered is lower than what I'm already getting.


said by millsy200:

You guys have it so nice, I would take your speeds in a second. Southwestern Ontario, at least where I am is HORRIBLE internet DSL. My average speeds are this:

most recent speedtest result:

ping: 409 mbs
down: 0.65 mbs
upload: 0.30 mbs

I say again, I would take your speeds ANYTIME, ANY DAY!

I pay for 6/.8 and this is what I get ALL THE TIME... and they tell me there is nothing they can do about it (teksavvy that is) how can you complain to Bell if you are not there "technically" customer?