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Lansing, MI
reply to Savious Zero

Re: [LoL] Need a mentor

I can smurf with ya. Might take me a sec to remember smurf info.

Pubstomping is fun and we can talk you through the basics.

You need to know the following or Jobbie will be pissed.

Last Hit!
Learn when you have to farm at tower (yes literally standing behind or next to the tower). This is going to seem really hard at first but it gets easier after about 300 games (I am slow).
Wards are not a waste of money. If it saves your life it was worth the gold. If you get a kill its worth the gold. Wards!

Everything else is going to be more role/champ specific and you can learn along the way, but the above absolutely needs to be learned asap.

Shoot for 100 CS in 20 min. 107 is perfect for 10 min. (Every creep in all waves up to that point). 100 cs in 20 min is about half.

My best so far is like 150 - 160 in 20 min with Ziggs and I was farming jungle creeps to.
Leaning out a window with a cocked shotgun. Driving up the block in the car they shot Pac in. Looking for Big's killers. Dressing ridiculous. Blue and red like I don't know what the big deal is.