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Fed Up


Bell online videos on CTVNews, CP24, TSN not playing

Hi all,

It has been a problem for a while that online video from Bell whether it is on ctvnews.ca, cp24.ca or tsn.ca do not play on any of my computers or tablets. Flash loads and no error messages given but no videos play. Right clicking on the flash player window brings up "ctv.ca imediaplayer_ctvnews v3.0.53 QOS HDCore 2.82 - f10"

It used to work earlier this summer but changed around Aug and I am not sure if this is due to something that Bell changed in the type of player used for their videos or something that changed in flash (I am using the latest version according to the flash site).

videos on watch.ctv.ca working fine.

Does anyone else have issues playing videos from Bell sites?


Elwood Blues
Somewhere in
Adblock,I'm always forced to go back to IE to visit these sites, you are blocking the initial ad and the entire clip doesn't play.

Fed Up

I figured it might be something like that. I don't run any adblock add ons but I tried on my old desktop and it plays the videos with an ad followed by the video. The laptop and tablet do not play anything. Computers running IE7 and tablet using opera mobile.

I compared the hosts file on the laptop and desktop to see if I could identify what was being blocked but could not see anything in the page source code that prevents it from running on the laptop. Adding hosts entry ad.doubleclick.net would get rid of the advert on the desktop (would say video not available then proceed quickly to the actual video) but I could not get it to duplicate the no play at all scenario on the laptop or tablet.

Also, not sure how the android tablet blocks ads, etc as I don't know if there is an equivalent to a hosts file in Android 3.0. It is going to take more digging to find out what is blocking the ad from even attempting to play.