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reply to Savious

Re: [LoL] Need a mentor

said by Savious:

Got a game in vs bots last night. Seems that at my current level, 1, that's the only queue that would fire, the 5v5 match me draft pick sat there for 5+ minutes before I gave up.

Some kid spent the entire game pinging the map. Whyyyyy!!

I got 16 champions now, played with the Rogue Mage guy, uhhh, don't remember his name. Are the free champions worse than the purchased ones?

Im going to keep playing the rogue mage guy. Any tips?

Ryze? He is all about pew-pewing with his 'Q' ball of death. His passive allows him to build tanky items that give mana, whilst still allowing him to waylay on someone with his spells.

Priority Order for Spells: R > Q > E > W

What that means is that when you level up, if you can put a point in R, do so. If not, move on to the next skill, repeat on down until your champ is level 18 and no longer levels up.

As for the free champions versus purchases ones, Riot rotates weekly what champions are free. This facilitates people trying new champions, in order to decide if they would like to buy the champs or not. Ryze is a great middle lane champion, as the current favorite team composition is to have a tanky/bruiser Attack Damage (AD) champion in the top lane, an Ability Power (AP) champion in the middle lane, a ranged AD (also known an AD carry or ADC) champion duo-ing with a support champion (generally has some sort of healing and/or crowd control abilities), and a jungler (generally more tanky/bruiser champs that are either AD or AP).
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