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Brooklyn, NY
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much to do about competition..

just take a look at how the so-called American wireless companies have been doing lately.. much of the anti-consumer pratices are wholly owned by the domestic influence... there is not significant foregin influence to gouge consumers and act as an anti-consumer coporation..

sure, you find some instances in other industries such as automotive and technology, but that's because the USA stopped being an innovator by 2001.. maybe the mojo was lost after 9/11?

if you did a quick poll of consumers of at&t and verizon's wireless branches.. you would get quite an earful about the recent changes in service offering which put these companies on the WRONG track. Verizon could have bought out Vodafone YEARS AGO but instead decided to go all anti-consumer instead and doubled down on wireless-- a market fewer and fewer consumers will be able to afford services of..