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Grand Saline, TX

[HN9000] I Upgraded...Don't Laugh!

HughesNet charged me for a "no-charge" modem and that was the last straw (even tho I knew I could get my money back). Just sick and tired of messing with these crooks. What was plan B? Uhh, I didn't have one In the heat of the moment, I didn't care if I ever saw the www again!

So, in my most controlled yet stern southern voice, I said "you know what, just forget it. I'm done with HughesNet! I'm disputing the charge on my cc and canceling my service so connect me to the cancellation dept". Yep, I'll show them! They've messed with me one time too many! An hour and a half later I hung up the phone as a new Gen 4 customer with a 2 year contract Not sure when I lost control of the conversation LOL.

A few weeks ago I had answered the questions on Hughesnet to see which Gen 4 plan was right fore me and determined the 10GB plan was more than enough.
I had lots of questions for the rep and even quoted him a few posts from this site. He had all the "right" answers We'll see.

Here are the details:
*Power Plan $50 + $10 lease. As of right now, you can't buy the equipment but they're working on it and will notify me when that's an option.
*$20 discount per month for 6 months
*Free Gen 4 upgrade/install AND a $50 mail in rebate. It's not a $50 install and a $50 rebate. I'm just getting the $50 rebate in addition to the free install because I'm a nice person (g). Verified with the supervisor. We'll see.
*HN9000 tokens roll over
* Cost of HN9000 replacement modem will be credited once they receive the modem.

Whew! I need a cup of tea and and hour of General Hospital.
I wonder if they've put a big "SUCKER!" label on my account LOL

Satellite company just called to set up an appt for tomorrow. They must be afraid I'm going to change my mind
If anyone here can show just cause why I should cancel, speak now or forever hold your peace!

Reno, NV
Well monicakm let us know how it goes and if you like the Gen4, will be interested to hear.


Salvisa, KY
reply to monicakm
Just remember, when your tokens are transferred to the new system, they don't do a full reset, they just add on an additional 500MB, on the new system, you no longer get complimentary tokens, nor can you bank them up. The way the new system works, if you are down by 1GB, you should be able to buy a 1GB token and it's applied instantly. Same with 2 and 3GB.


Grand Saline, TX
Cross posted:
I just signed up for Gen 4 and listed (in another thread) what they promised me. After reading this message, I called back to verify and asked them to EMAIL me the details of our agreement. They would not email me a copy! Said they can't. Whaaaat? That's fishy! But, instead of a $20 discount for 6 months, it's a $20 discount for 12 months. I have case numbers and supervisor names. What I needed was a recording of the conversation since they "can't" email me a copy of our agreement
So upfront, I know that the cost will be $60 (10 of that is lease fee) a month, $40 a month for the first 12 months. After all the readings to confirm and talks with two supervisors, case #, etc, if they call and say "oops..." I will hurt someone

Reno, NV
Round and Round and Round we go! Let us know.


reply to monicakm
That is unfortunate for you. I had a .pdf copy of a contract agreement from Exede like within five minutes of hanging up the phone with a rep from them. I was like you, just tired. More like exhausted trying to maintain internet service to our home with Hughes as the provider. I spent too much time with them on the phone over the years. I actually think they might be the highest call volume that I had in the last few years. ha ha, not sure, but they might have been. I do not get hardly any phone calls here. I am still so far, happy with Exede, I have not had on glitch yet. No reason to even place one call. And I enjoy the late night free time.


Grand Saline, TX
Installers just left. Tested on HUGHES' speed test site and got the following (I'm on the 10MB plan):
9953kbps down
866kpbs up
7.8 Mbps down
491 Kbps up
Speakeasy (the site the installer used)
10.74 Mbps down
.64Mbps up
Downloading software from majorgeeks:
Malwarebytes (10.17mb)
Uploaded Malwarebyte using YouSendIt:
Avg 800kbps
HughesNet Web Response tests ranged from 2.6 to 2.0

So, as of now, does it look like I'm close to where I should be with the Power plan?


reply to monicakm
So how do you like Gen4 so far?
Expand your moderator at work


Edgewood, TX
reply to monicakm

Re: [HN9000] I Upgraded...Don't Laugh!

If you know how to use Bit Torrent, or another P2P client, that would be the best way to see what the maximum you can get on the download. If you grabbing a file that's new and has a lot of seeders, then you should be able to see a maximum of 1.2MB/sec. That's MegaBytes not Megabits.

I generally top out at 1.7MB/sec and I believe have seen 1.8MB/sec.

The way this works is you won't see top speed while web browsing due to the latency. But you will see it when streaming movies and videos from either YouTube or Netflix.

Seeing as their usage meter keeps resetting everyday, I'd take advantage of some movie watching to see what your connection is capable of.


Grand Saline, TX
reply to silbaco
It's faster. I've watched 3 or 4 Youtube videos with no buffering problems. Downloads are definitely faster but browsing doesn't seem to be. It was the first day. Secure sites are still slow. Browsing was snappy the first day. It's slowed down since then. I haven't seen the download speed tests at 9Mbps (using the same site the installer used) since the first day. It's been around 3Mbps. Installer was getting 9Mbps. Of course at the NOC, it's still fast but that's not an indicator or the real www. Installer used speedtest.com, not speakeasy.com like I mentioned above. Wish it was as snappy overall like it was on day one. I may call the installer tomorrow before I call India. But, it's still a little early so maybe I'll give it a few more days.


Grand Saline, TX
reply to TexasRebel
You know, Bit Torrent is one thing I never took the time to learn.

TexasRebel, back in Aug (2 weeks after I complained to the BBB), my browsing speed (was well as download speed), was in warp speed. You CAN see top browsing speeds while browsing, it's just a matter of HN letting you! Web pages loaded almost immediately. Shorter wait time for the connection and then BAM! It all loaded at once. It was like being on a fast cable connection...then they pulled the plug again. Nice while it lasted tho. The new HT1000 is SLOWER than what I had for a couple weeks with the HN9000.

I'll see if I can find some shows to stream. I figured out that I'd need to use 333MB a day to use all of my 10GB per month. Don't see that being a problem! I think I've used 136MB since mid afternoon, Wed. I can see it taking a couple of months to get used to the way the new plans works but not being the power user (downloader) that some are, this is going to be more than enough. I've always got 3G if I did go over. Ohhh, think I'll go watch some ProShow shows. That was a no-no on my previous system.

Plan Allowance: 10000 MB
Allowance Remaining: 9864 MB
Allowance Remaining: 99%
Time Until Allowance Refill (days, hr:min):
28, 0:39