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Hacienda Heights, CA

[FireFox] convert 32bit installation to 64bit, without hassle

Just wondering if there was a way to move to the 64bit version of FF (i'm using 32bit 16.0.1) without having to manually redo all my customizations present in the 32bit version now.

there aren't a ton of personalizations, and i keep an install log so that i can install from scratch if need be, relatively painlessly, but i'd rather not go through even that minimal pain, needlessly.

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Carpentersville, IL

Re: [FireFox] convert 32bit installation to 64bit, without hassl

I would take a guess that if you installed FF 16.0.1 first, got it all setup the way you like, and then installed Waterfox (15.0.1), all your settings should be present. This is because Firefox and Waterfox use the same profile directory.

The only thing would be if any modification or setting change was stored somewhere other then your profile, you would have to re-do that. But, as far as I know, all of those settings are stored in your profile directory.

I've not used Palemoon (also a 64 bit browser from Mozilla), so I don't know if it shares the same profile or not, but that could be another option for you.

--Brian Plencner

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Quincy, MA
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I'd say just install Waterfox, which will use your existing profile (FF could even stay installed). Palemoon (if I remember) will make a copy of your profile.
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