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[Internet] Mail Problem

When I try to send pictures using Frontier web mail, Outlook Express opens up and gives an error message about invalid addresses. I want to use Frontier Mail, not Outlook Express. This started on it's own a few days ago. How do I correct this?


Stanwood, MI
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Please confirm that sending a regular email WITHOUT an attachment works just fine.

Second when you get the error use CRTL-C to copy the text of the message to the clipboard and then you can paste it into your reply.

The exact wording of the error will be very helpful along with any error codes you are getting. If you are getting several different messages please note the order in which you get them as well.

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Burlington, WV

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reply to depawl
Its sounds as if you have set Outlook Express as default for your email but want to use Frontier Webmail. Knowing what OS are you using would also be helpful.


Stanwood, MI
·Frontier Communi..
reply to depawl
Note I really DO NOT recommend using outlook express. It has a large number of security issues that MS will not be closing since that have moved on to Windows mail (which is not much better).

I recommend using Thunderbird or regular Outlook (from Office) instead. (2003 or later)

My wife has a frontier email account that is accessed through outlook and she does not have any issues sending attachments.
The initial setup was a bit more problematic as settings have to be set exactly as they describe and I was recycling the same account settings from Wildblue.

I would go back though your settings and double to make sure everything is set exactly.

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San Jose, CA
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said by Aranarth:

Note I really DO NOT recommend using outlook express. It has a large number of security issues that MS will not be closing since that have moved on to Windows mail (which is not much better).

Windows Mail is not the current MS mail client, either. It was only available with Windows Vista; though some who upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 managed to hack Windows Mail in to Windows 7, those who upgraded directly from XP to 7, and those buying Windows 7 for the first time are unable to get it.

As for OExp security issues, the most egregious ones were patched in the upgrade from IE 5.5 to IE 6.0 (OExp is a component of IE through v6.0, but not after). Windows Mail is what would have been called, " Outlook Express 7", if it had been included with IE 7. But MS had severed the mail client from the browser when they rolled out Windows Vista/Internet Explorer 7.

The current MS mail client, which is not tied to either browser, or OS, is, "Windows Live Mail". Unlike OExp (which is unsupported by MS, even for security issues) and WM (which is a part of Windows Vista and will only be supported as long as Vista is), Windows Live Mail is in full support bt MS.
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reply to depawl
I bet its b/c Frontier is now going to force us all to use yahoo service I just tryed to get into my Frontier account yesterday and was asked to agree with this as a change from Frontier's mail and if and I did decline and it if you decline to accept this change it will just log you out and you cant even access any of your account stuff till you agree to give your first born child to yahoo and Frontier. this is proly why your old pop3 frontier wont work now.
yep I just tryed to loginto my old Frontier web mail and I get same thing