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BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to swbrains

Re: [Internet] Poll: Have your issues been resolved?

said by swbrains:

I understand. Unfortunately, I fear that -- like myself -- most posters won't go to the trouble of posting twice for any issue that requires direct support (once here and once there). Nor will they want to go to the trouble of reiterating on the public side how BH responded in private and how their issue was ultimately resolved or not.

But you must appreciate this is the posters option and not yours...by default you guys aren't entitled to know all and the expectation is neither realistic nor fair to impose your expectations on others. Instead you should appreciate that we value all user privacy and respect their decision to post an update or not post an update without peer pressure from the masses. There is something inherently distasteful about even stating such an expectation especially in todays society...where privacy is frankly reaching near commodity status.

Better yet if you have questions about a resolution why don't you send them a PM and just ask them instead of imposing your expectation to full public disclosure because you think you're entitled to it.

Sorry guys but I'm feeling the joy in this area and it has nothing to do with my BHN hat but instead my absolute respect for all users freedom to share or not share information at THEIR discretion..not yours. Most people who post about service related issues just want them fixed and almost none of them have anything to do with things you will encounter now or in the future so therefore the information you might have gleaned by an update is pretty useless...the sooner you guys realize this...the less likely you will be chasing your tail on a solution that doesn't apply to you instead of relying on the proper resource for resolution which would be me or your peers IF you post in the public forums only.

This may sound harsh but honestly I'm baffled by especially yours and Cisco's push on this because your history here in the past has left me with the impression that you value your privacy and right to post what you want when you want without pressure from others.

Thanks for your input however understand where I am coming from please....if they want to post an update they will...if not that is just fine too...either way nothing is going to change from that perspective. We have two forums...you may use either of the two but understand if I need to look at account specific things it will migrate to the direct forums at least for the purpose of getting the required data and what happens after that is completely up to the originator of the post...not me, not you, not anyone else.
~All truth goes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer ~


Land O Lakes, FL
Easy there. I'm not battling against privacy or for public sharing of personal information, nor am I trying to state that everyone should do it my way, nor am I trying to inhibit personal freedoms. I'm all about everyone's individual choice to do what they want, public or private.

My point was much simpler and much less overreaching than the total abolition of privacy or forcing everyone to do it the way that suits my personal needs.

My point was simply that for those who *don't* care if their issue is discussed publicly (or those who may even welcome additional public input) but are required to go private for a few pieces of personal information, most of them probably won't go through the hassle of posting their message twice or relaying the support or solution they received again in the public forum. Yes, I understand that's their choice not to repost it publicly and I'm not judging anyone for that decision.

And while many of these issues may be so specific to that customer that their problem/resolution won't help us, sometimes it's just interesting and helpful to see that someone else has the same issue (so you know it really is a problem), and in some cases it is possible that the BH-provided suggestion/solution applies to you as well.

But please don't suggest that I don't respect other's freedom or privacy or that I'm someone who believes that everyone should do it my way because it suits my curiosity. That's not what I was implying or desire and that's not who I am.