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New York, NY
reply to Spice300

Re: Revolution (NBC, Sept 17)

said by Spice300:

I noticed Nora put a rather small amount of explosive in the log. If it was even powerful enough, it would barely rupture the boiler and completely fail to derail the train. If the writers had any sense, they would have made the bomb bigger or let those two idiots, Miles and Charlie, fail to stop the bomb which destroys the boiler of the steam engine causing the train to roll to a stop. Nora being stabbed unnecessarily and watching those two fools go to all that trouble to stop the weak mini-bomb would have been hilarious. The plans of the Monroe Republic would have suffered another setback. The protagonists are fools, their victories are unbelievable, and the rebels are weak

I completely agree.

The makeshift explosive device was small and of questionable potency. I suspect it would have only damaged the steam engine with little or no collateral damage. The explosive device looked to only be a danger to the engineer (locomotive driver) feeding the fire of the boiler,….and anyone else fool enough to get close.

An explosive device really wasn’t necessary at all though. They knew in advance of the departure time which timetable was stepped up due to their own clumsy interference. They could have ridden on ahead on horseback or even walked on ahead with the intention of sabotaging the track. In fact if their explosive devise was as powerful as they seemed to think it was they could have blown the tracks leaving twisted rails and a crater the locomotive couldn’t have negotiated. The added benefit there is that they could be sure that no one else was around to be injured or killed by the blast.

Still I found some entertainment value in the show in spite of its shortcomings.

Made of Hamburger
Dupont, WA

It actually would have been easier I think to derail the train. Just pick a section of track on a curve and remove the stakes/bolts from the outer rail. (probably even more effective if the train is on a downhill grade during the curve). Depending upon the track you may have to unbolt the fishplates too.
Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war

New York, NY

I agree. Which is what I was suggesting by saying they didn’t need an explosive device but they would certainly need tools and manpower to go that route. I don’t know much about trains though.

When I was in the military my MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was initially 12B Combat Engineer. This was basically construction and demolition of roads and bridges as well as landmine warfare. Construction mostly consisted of prefabricated constructs that needed assembly. Demolition involves explosive devices like a Bangalore torpedo, C4, blasting caps, det-cord, fuses and so on.

So naturally my first inclination would be to blow $#!% up. Its easy and fast not to mention they had access to what they needed. The train was presumably protected but the rails weren’t so you go with the easiest target in the allotted time you have. Disassembling the railing works but its much harder work and time consuming.

Also, for what its worth, when they were on the train they presumably could have just disconnected the engine from the trailing cars. Leaving them stranded possibly without horses.

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to Voxxjin

said by Voxxjin:

It actually would have been easier I think to derail the train.

True, but not as dramatic for the plot.

Less danger of that boy getting blown up....