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Lyndhurst, NJ

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reply to Mele20

Re: Oracle Java SE 7u9 and 6u37 released

said by Mele20:

So you have never done a reliable speed test and feel no need to ever do one? Wow! Who is your ISP and how do I get a perfect connection like yours?

Did I insult you in this thread for you to reply in that manner. I asked a simple question. At the time i asked my question I forgot that Java is used in some speed tests. And I only performed a speed test if I notice a problem in my connection, which is rare.

Your problem is that your a paranoid. You go through life thinking everyone is out get you. You probably spend a good part of your day constantly checking your door and windows to make sure they are locked. You are a psychiatrist's wet dream.
Have a nice day.
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