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Re: [TWC] RR Standard with Motorola SB6141 Speed Increase?

I purchased a SB6141 on eBay for $100 a couple weeks ago just before the prices spiked, and installed it 2 days ago. It took about 15 mins total after calling TWC 800 Customer Support to get provisioned. The L1 Tech took all my information, (account, model, MAC) and plugged it into the system and said it was done. I was unable to connect to the internet, so she passed me to L3, where a very nice and knowlegable Tech said one step had been missed, which he corrected immediately. I'm now seeing consistant 20/2 speeds, which previously varied by a wide margin with TWC's ubee U10C018.80. I'm still doing periodic d/l and u/l tests to see if I'm going to keep the SB6141 before I take the ubee back to TW and stop paying the rental fee. I'm in NC and our rate is going up to $3.95/mo.


Just collected the mail from the mailbox tonight and I have a postcard from TWC saying they'll start charging me here in NC $3.95/mth for my "modem" that I bought 9 years ago. Nothing on the card about how to contact anybody [why would they communicate info on how to communicate with a communications company? ] I have their digital phone & internet connection (no TV). So I looked online & found this thread. Who do I call to make sure I keep my VoIP & Internet both; are any of their approved "modems" capable of both? I usually get 20+/1 on this nearly decade old modem (I'm less than a half mile from their main switch for this area). I won't pay $4/m.