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Something is missing....

The idea of this "fixed LTE service" that keeps getting thrown around here seems to be missing something.... The fact that the fixed LTE service from At&t does not yet exist and we have no evidence that it ever will. Now granted, I think it will in time. But Verizon has made it quite clear that their HomeFusion product is competing primarily with satellite and dialup at the moment. The primary goal at this time seems to be to sell unused and otherwise wasted LTE capacity in rural markets. The caps are prohibiting it from effectively competing with DSL and Verizon no doubt knows this.

I really don't think we have a story here. Centurylink, Fairpoint, Frontier, and Windstream are not exact rolling out massive infrastructure upgrades. And they do not have a wireless service to supposedly sell to their DSL subs. At the moment pretty much all Telcos are sitting idle minus a few upgrades here and there. Not just At&t. And that doesn't mean they are abandoning anyone


Pleasanton, CA

i seriously hope the keep their ADSL2 in my area
I have 2 comcast lines and a DSL line. DSL just for games.

I also host a gameserver or two occasionally on it.
On DSL my friends in eastcoast get 85ms ping and 110 on comcast. In chicago my friend gets 60 on DSL and 80 on Comcast.

I don't want them to upgrade to uverse since that will kill the pings.