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Re: What do you expect???

I Agree FTTH is profitable if done right, to the start the savings from not having to worry about copper theft in the rural areas were some places are replacing copper as much as 2-3x a year ( were its reported its now a epidemic that will continue to rise) that alone makes it more than a viable option for cost saving. One sign on every pole reading " this pole is strung with fiber wire, No resale value" would end the rash of copper theft.

If you haven't noticed Jason ATT and Verizon already have there cover story down so prices for fixed wireless will stay up..." spectrum is scarce and hard to come by we don't have enough!" yet there business model is to push everyone to wireless? thats a catch 22. Ending the one technology that can be run to everyone and has more than enough capex for future use, fiber.

Its only a win win for ATT, loose loose for the customer.