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Looking at the bigger picture

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Re: Simple way to avoid copyright issues

Technically you would be devalueing Ferraris in general based on the principals of supply and demand.

Yes, definitely. And I am sure Ferrari would be pissed about it and stamp their feet and shout 'You STOLE that Ferrari!!' But people would laugh at such a ridiculous accusation.

That was a great video, I loved the part with George thinking of the turkey! I think it is 100% true but we should take it a little deeper... Mr. McDuck correctly states that duplicating the money will ruin the economy. The thing is, if they really had a Multiphonic Duplicator, it wouldn't ruin the economy... it would render it OBSOLETE. People would have no need to duplicate money... they would simply duplicate the commodity. The economy would simply disappear as people duplicated all the food, clothes, houses, cars, computers, whatever they needed. The people who provided those commodities in the past for a profit might resent their loss of power & position and demand legislation to limit the duplication of commodities. So we would have corporations trying to force us to keep using the old, obsolete model because they found it more profitable.