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Manassas, VA
reply to djoropallo

Re: [DVR] 7232 Slow, Unrepsonsive Until Warms Up or a Reboot

Seems to me there are two separate problems.

The won't do anything except output the last channel viewed before shutdown for the first minute or so after initial box turn on has been around forever. I posted a question about this long ago and no one had any answer about what was causing this. It acts like the box is in the middle of a boot up. Leaving the box on doesn't help anything as when the TV is turned on the problem usually reappears. BTW this never happened with my 64xx box which I, probably mistakenly, got replaced because it wouldn't output the new channel guide in 1.9. plus the add on storage ability.

The more recent and more aggravating problem is not changing channels for a long time long after the box is up and running correctly. If you happen to hit on both at the same time it may take quite awhile to change a channel.


a. the people running things know of the problems and

b. do they have any idea how to fix them.

This "it will be in the next release of something at an unspecified date" is techno BS.