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Re: [Help] White balance issue

If it's only the fabric of the top that's off in color, it's quite possible that the sensor of the camera is seeing colors differently from the human eye. From Kodak (remember them?), and relating to film, but the same principles apply:

Perhaps most troublesome is the color-reproduction problem sometimes called “anomalous reflectance.” It is caused by high reflectance at the far-red and near infrared end of the spectrum, where the eye has little or no sensitivity. Examples of problem subjects from nature are blue morning glories, gentians, and ageratum flowers, which often reproduce poorly because most color films are much more sensitive than the human eye to the far red.
Some organic dyes have high reflectance in the far red. These dyes are often popular with fabric manufacturers because they are relatively inexpensive and work well with synthetic materials. While the high reflectance in the far red and infrared is found in all colors of these dyes, the effect is most prevalent in shades of green and blue.The far-red reflectance neutralizes the green or blue appearance, so the fabrics may reproduce as neutrals or warm colors.

The entire pamphlet may be found in a pdf here: Why a Color May Not Reproduce Correctly
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