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Ypsilanti, MI

[HN9000] Value of Used HN9000 Gear?

I have some friends who own and no longer need their HN9000 and corresponding satellite dish and LNB. They would like to try to sell it but have no idea what the going rate or fair value of the equipment is. Do any of you have a good idea as to what this kind of stuff is worth?



Grand Saline, TX
I don't know how much it's worth, but I just discovered this morning that my installer took mine! Hughesnet had told me it was mine to keep. Don't know what I would have done with it. Probably thrown it away but find it rude that the installer took it

A Tech

on upgrades we are advised to pick them up and send them back, I ran into this issue and put a note in the account to that effect and advised him to call support once if that didnt work I would give him over to executive resolution.


Grand Saline, TX
As usual, I got conflicting information from Hughes. Like I said, I would have just thrown it away but I paid for it (not leased) and he should have at least asked. Other than that, both installers were a pleasure to have in my home. Very nice and considerate. Did a good job at getting me the best signal they could (it's at 152 this evening). I had to save the day tho He couldn't understand why my laptop was getting on line but he kept getting a proxy server error message. When I could tell from the other room that there was a problem, I asked what was wrong. I went to Network settings and took it off Manual Proxy. All fixed


Edgewood, TX
reply to DrDeke
Use it for target practice. Or keep the dish and turn it into a WiFi reflector for a long range line of sight connection..

Try going to "testmy.net" and run a test and report back your speed if you would please.