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[Rant] Cook County Haunts me still

Recently, and the date today is 10/17/12, my husband received a jury summons from Cook Co at his parents home, which he has not resided at for over 10 years and recently was called to jury duty in DuPage. Now from some of what was read, updating every 4 years (way past that too!), etc...it continues. Unless he faxes or mails a copy of mail/DL, they will be sending him another summons in approx. 11 weeks I believe. He can also have his parents write on the next one return to sender does not reside here. Even sending them an email did not help. So it appears from the older posts until now (2012) it is business as usual.

Lisle, IL
I thought it went off of voter registration. Has he not updated that maybe?

Naperville, IL
I've been registered at my new residence since Clinton was in office, and voted in every election. I still get summons at my parents house, before my Dad passed away last year he was telling me, you got another summons. I told him write on it no longer reside here.


Hammond, IN
reply to informme2
Same thing has happened to me recently. My dad (Sr.) got the notice and thought it was his, so he called asking for the senior exemption, and they told him he wasn't old enough, and the birthday was mine. I haven't lived in IL in over 10 years.I called their number and they wanted my DL, I told them no since they can't secure the copy against ID theft. I moved just across the state line into Indiana. He got a second one about a month ago and I told him to send it back.