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[CenturyTel] Many intermittent connection sync loss & retrain

I've been having on & off intermittent connection issues with my DSL for over a year now. Some months its stable, others its not. But lately it has gotta so bad I've lost connection every 15-45minutes. I have lost count of the dozens of times I've called Centurylink/Qwest tech support for help over the past year.

Power light will be solid, but DSL light will blink when connection is loss. After 2-4minutes it will retrain and get connection again. Sometimes it stays connected for a few hours and loses it again. Other times it would have a marathon retrain spree having only 5-10minute uptime before it retrains.

Even while writing this post I've lost sync and retained =( Maybe someone here can shine more light on what might be the issue.

Instead of pasting a big block of line stat text. I'll provide here a screenshot. »i.imgur.com/D9jDS.png. From the screenshot you can see I've had so many sync loss and retrains on the connection. I have good SNR/Atten on my line. DSLAM is visible in front of me a lock away from house.

Things I've done with support many many times
-Power cycled modem (oh so many times lol)
-Reverse the phone cable
-Tried new phone cable
-Tried three different modems. Two actiontec PK5000 and One Zyxel pk5001z
-Check for filter (I have none, only one jack and its for DSL)
-DSL modem connected directly to wall jack 2ft away into "line" port of modem
-Modem is not near microwave or electronic equipment. Don't have any cordless phone in home.
-Desktop is directly connected to ethernet port
-Support accused my Desktop as having malware/virus. So I only used my iPad and problem still remain
-They done line condition testing said their end is fine

Things different field tech dispatch done.
-Replaced phone jack in the house. The NID box is basically right behind it 1ft away
-Switched the line pair at DSLAM multiple times to different ports
-New modem


Denver, CO

Re: [CenturyTel] Many intermittent connection sync loss & retrai

Could be the jack. They do tarnish. Replaced many with digital telephone systems.


Already mentioned the jack has been completely replaced. New cable to the NID box outside that is only 1ft away.


reply to Iwakawa
Field tech exhausted all his options and was about to replace the outside line connecting to the DSLAM as last resort when a network operator something called in to tell him the DSLAM was the culprit. It gotten so bad that many other people in the area also called in complaining or so I was told.

Another tech is dispatched to replace/repair the DSLAM. Ill post updates on details if i get any. Hopefully this fixes things as I've spent so many countless hours this past year on the phone and with field techs on this issue.

Boise, ID

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reply to Iwakawa
Hello Iwakawa,
We can take a look at the issue and escalate internally. If you would please fill out this form: »bit.ly/IArNlt, we can help you out.
Steve @CenturyLinkHelp Team


The problem has been resolved for now, but the dispatched tech or support people did not update me on the specifics of the cause. All i know is it was because of the DSLAM from my last conversation with the field tech.

However, I've had this issue before, fixed and eventually came back after a few months. So not sure if this was a real fix or not.