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Colorado Springs, CO
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Re: [Connectivity] Modem keeps losing upstream channel bonding

When I had high upstream signals like yours with reasonably good download stats, like yours, the tech first measured ingress at the modem and said I had bad wiring in the house. He went outside, disconnected the inside from the drop at the ground block, found that from there to the modem, ingress was not a problem but measuring from the ground block to the pedestal through the 30 year old buried line he found incredible ingress. He replaced the drop and everything was just fine.

Has a tech measured ingress from your ground block to the pedestal or the pole connection? It's possible ingress on the drop cable is the cause of your problems. YMMV, of course.

I have a Zoom 5341J, and when upstream sig got to ~ 51 dBmv, and probably higher, Internet connection was intermittent.
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Riverside, NJ
The high levels were actually at the tap, so they are upstream from me.

Now my upstream levels increased by about 4 dB and my downstream ones decreased 4dB. Note the signals I posted last night are with my modem now off the 3.5 dB level of my outside split. Originaly it was off the 7 dB, so even though the signals are "the same" they're actually much worse.

Every time I schedule a tech to come out, the signals suddenly go back to normal (47 dB power up, 35/36 SNR down) since they seem to cycle every 2 days or so. Two days of borderline poor signals and two days of okay signals.

What I have now is actually usable as my my TiVo and modem are reporting errors are being corrected, but the signals shouldn't be that bad as there is very little wiggle room. When the signals drop a bit I start getting packet loss and TV picture blocking.
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