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Hilo, HI
reply to EdmundGerber

Re: Oracle Java SE 7u9 and 6u37 released

said by EdmundGerber:

By the way - all speed tests are flawed. The only way to be sure is to download or upload data.

You should educate yourself. Yes, of course, I use OOL's FTP test (over 12 years now) and I download data and I have shit for speed. I know why also thanks to the superb tests available from Visualware ....in particular, the Quality test and also thanks to Ping Plotter Pro. All other speed tests from ALL sources are capacity tests which, I agree with you, are junk. Downloading data can show if the download is slow but it can't point to where the problem lies so I don't why you would say it is the "only way".

My ISP uses Visualware's tests on its gateways and used to use their quality test for its customers but they found that only about 1% of customers understood the test and they got too many calls. Plus, while tier 3 techs very much supported using the test, corporate management said no when the contract was up because corporate TWC does not want users to know how bad quality is on their line.

With my ISP, simply telling them that I get poor speed on downloads of data gets me NOWHERE. Maybe your ISP takes your word for it and assumes also all responsibility for congested routes, etc. and never blames your computer, your router, your stupidity, etc. If so, you are very lucky. I have to prove to my ISP what is going on. I have many years of data all pointing to the node as the problem area. That is the case now also.
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