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Camelot One
Greenwood, IN
reply to Koil

Re: Deck/Screen room project is finally complete! Pictures here

Its hard to put a price on just the deck itself, because I did a LOT of other work along the way. Some of it more than once thanks to my own screw ups and the wife changing her mind mid-process.

From the bigger ticket receipts, I'd say around:
$4000 in lumber and brackets, (I am a computer geek, not a carpenter, so there was some waste)
$400 on electrical (fan, lights, wire, etc),
$1800 to a roofer (ice&water, shingles, skylight, and vent installed),
$1000 for the screen track/screen/supplies,
$300 for stained glass,
$200 on stain.

That doesn't include things like screws, nails, etc, or the hundreds I spent renting tools along the way. Could probably easily add another grand between those. And a few boxes of Kansas City Steaks to bribe various people into supervising key parts of the work to make sure I wasn't screwing up too bad. (roof tie in for example) So I guess ballpark around $9,000.

Before I started, I got several estimates for a slightly smaller build than what I ended up with. They ranged from $18,500 to $26,000 depending on type of wood and roofing style. And all of them called for the minimum required on everything, where as I over-built quite a bit. (2x10 joists instead of 2x8, 20' 2x6 instead of 8' 5/4 decking, etc)

If I had to do it again, I would ABSOLUTELY hire a professional to dig the footings. Digging through solid limestone and flint with a jackhammer was just not fun, and hurt to the point I needed recovery days in between work days. I tried hiring guys off craigslist to help, but they all walked away after 20 minutes.

The rest of the work took a long time, but it was almost enjoyable.