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Juana Diaz, PR
·Choice Cable TV
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Re: DTV: How many sub-channels?

Thanks to all for the replies. Lots of interesting info in that rabbitears site although a bit ooutdated in the sub-channels and video details. The channel in question is at 1080i in the main 4.1 channel and 720p in the 4.2 channel which agrees with the Wikipedia reference. That explains why 4.3 is gone confirming my original question that they ate up all their badnwidth by going HD in the second channel.

There is another channel here that has its main HD channel .1 plus four additional SD video feeds. They later added their radio station in the .6 sub-channel and I now noticed that have an additional .7 channel but there is nothing there yet, just a blank screen.

I get 32 channels off-the-air which is similar to what basic cable had 20 years ago.

West Tenness

Trying to put 2 HD channels on one channels just makes for 2 sub par HD channels. Just like 1 HD and more than 1 subchannel make for sub par HD but not as bad.

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It all depends on your POV on the matter. I won't say running 2 HD subchannels is going to be the BEST quality, but if you're more about the content and having 'decent' quality, it may be better to run the 2 HD's side by side.

Case in point: My prior mention of the station where I used to live which ran 2 720p channels side by side. In that particular case they ran both CBS and FOX in 720p with a well set up encoder that varied the bitrate constantly depending on which channel needed the bandwidth more at the time. Quality was 'good'. Not great, but good. About U-Verse quality. But the main reason for running both in HD was Fox's (WYFX) primary transmitter at the time was still a low power LD transmitter which did not reach most of their DMA when the digital switchover happened. Since WKBN owns WYFX, they rebroadcasted WYFX on WKBN's transmitter which had ridiculous power and range. I was glad to have Fox in HD albeit a bit degraded on quality, given I could not receive WYFX at all at the time.

Now though, I believe, is WYFX's main transmitter is more up to par for reception distance so they have went back to just an SD feed on WKBN's transmitter.
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