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reply to txpatriot

Re: ATT DSL rip-off

I said to give back subsidies that they received. They provide DSL services (using their subsidized) poles and underground along public right of ways as well as private property easements. Without that infrastructure in place they couldn't provide DSL so yes their DSL was/is subsidized.
They also do NOT provide what they claim to provide in DSL and they as much as lie straight-faced to anyone who asked what is my DSL speed. The sales people would invariably say 6MB/768 up even after knowing your address and your true spotty performance would be maybe 1.5/128 to a 2/256. You paid to be provisioned at the higher performance with NO chance of ever getting even 50%. The ass-clown corporate lawyers use their extortion contracts with their wordsmithed terms and conditions to circumvent any accountability and if and when that fails they just call in one of their political cards and get a "get out of your responsibility" reprieve.
Yes we can cut the cord and say no to this provider but they will continue to accept public funding and stifle any attempts to cut into their market via the courts of ill repute.
I may be guilty of a bit of exaggeration due to sheer frustration with "providers" but other pollsters have pointed out other salient points on this topic.